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Rae Druce

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Rae has been playing, umpiring and coaching netball for 55 years and still an active umpire and coach today.

Rae has written three netball umpiring ebooks and is now busy writing two more, Netball Fitness explained and The Netball Team for coaches and players based on her main ILoveNetball website's poll results.

Read more about Rae's involvement with professional umpiring and private coaching.


Rod Druce

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Rod has been racing since 1963 clocking up 600 road, mountain bike, cross-country and marathon races.

450 Track & field, middle distance and rowing eight races.

90 Extreme hiking, orienteering and ultra-mountain running.

17,000 training hours and counting.

Rod is still an avid runner, speed skipper and fitness enthusiast and in his sixties now trains Endurance athlete's, Personal trainers and problem solving for racing speed and recovery via email.

While racing he was able to monitor other competitors heart rates & cadence at club, open and national levels over a 25 year period. This knowledge was the catalyst taking him from an average racer to racing at Open and Scratch levels in his fifties.

Rod is writing several ebooks about general fitness and the common training traps so many endurance athletes fall into, which will be posted on this site hopefully by mid 2015.

Some of this information will be how to stay in form all year round and why these principles are being ignored now.

How modern heart rate training is slowing athletes down been complicated by five heart rate zones instead only three zones. There are two training myths every athlete should be aware about to get heart rate training 100% perfect.

Also race speed training is almost a forgotten art relying on muscle power rather than biomechanical speed training. A simple shift in technique will transform any racing athlete's performance speed in a few weeks.

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